Punching Power


Punching power is something that everybody who enjoys physicality wants. It is something that allows a person to dominate another male, which in the reproductive world is seen as competition for females. We see how people worship athletes. It is something ingrained in our biology to want to be physically superior.

In the boxing world, fights are more often than not won on technique and intelligence, rather than brute force and strength. However, some fighters are just so powerful that it doesn’t matter what kind of game plan their opponents bring onto the battlefield. Their power ultimately shines through.

The ones who get the most attention are usually the big hitters: Tyson, Foreman, Marciano, Hearns, Durán, and most recently Golovkin. Some sports writers and coaches would say that devastating punching power is a gift. They say punching power is genetic. While punching power potential is heavily influenced by genetics, the actual power can be trained up to the point of reaching your potential. The most important thing is proper technique that allows for generation of force. Some untrained individuals will naturally know how to incorporate their body into their punches than others. There will be females that can do this too, and some females will naturally punch harder than some males.