Anger In Sports


Sports are competitive in nature, and as with anything competitive, heated situations can result. This type of thing can happen even with video games or simple board games. It is the result of anything competitive in nature. What often ignites these situations is trash talk from the winning side which adds salt to the wounds. especially if there’s bad blood.

Sometimes, players in sports cannot contain their anger, and will sometimes lash out. Many argue about their sport, but when the going gets real, they will always resort to hand to hand combat like they are in a boxing match. This is why there is always a risk when it comes to taunting or any arguments in competitive situations. You do not know what will arise. If the players are going against each other, then the fans will likely follow. This is especially the cause if there is a difference in countries.

There’s a fine line between dangerous anger and productive anger – in athletics and beyond. On the one hand, studies show that anger can diminish athletes’ attention, cognition and fine motor skills, which can be particularly detrimental in sports like golf and tennis. Other research finds that aggressive hockey players suffer more head injuries than their less-aggressive teammates. Even spectators can cause serious harm if their anger boils over.

The effects of taunting are exacerbated if there are any rivalries or bad blood between sports groups.