Fortnite Fad


Fortnite is a multiplayer game that falls into the category of battle royale, the next mainstream gaming fad that has taken over the MOBA fad, and the survival game fad. This game takes the idea of a battle royale from a game called PUBG, which you have to purchase to play. Because fortnite is free to play with cartoony graphics, it is easily accessible to the public, and can target children who cannot get their parents to pay for games.

There are dances in the game that have been popularized, and many fans like to attempt these dances in real life. The floss dance in particular is quite simple and iconic. As long as it is mainstream, kids these days will flock to it and think it’s cool.

Unfortunately, a lot of the adult population think it’s quite silly. As with any fads though, they will eventually fade into obscurity, and it will become more cringeworthy over time.