Does Lifting Help Martial Arts?


In striking, it is general consensus that being able to lift a lot of weight does not mean you will be able to punch hard. This is because punching power is reliant on carrying your body weight properly through the kinetic chain at great acceleration. Your strength in lifting does make make your continually faster.

Despite this, you need strength to be fast, but strength gives diminishing returns. There are cases where people are so weak, that it greatly reduces their power because they just cannot generate the force. In addition to generation of force is being able to transfer it, which also requires strength.

You need to become reasonably strong before you actively start sparring against fully resisting opponents. People who are weak are liable to get hurt, and will find themselves unable to properly execute basic movements and techniques. Martial arts are about optimizing the use of strength.

Take well the advice of Kurz (ibid):

People who can’t put a barbell or a partner weighing at least as much as them on their shoulders and easily do a few squats are too weak to learn fighting techniques.